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Lucleon Accessories

Lucleon is all about accessories for men. We embrace masculinity as well as the creative mind. We push boundaries while remaining classic in our designs.

Alton Watch Collection

Because a watch isn’t supposed to be a once-a-week thing, but an everyday carry, it was important to us that the Alton collection had a rugged feel while still looking good with a blazer. Which really turned into a design that finds harmony between opposites. Brushed & polished steel. Features & simplicity. Gray neutrals & Gold tones.

Out of Denmark

Lucleon is based in Denmark, where everything is designed. Our inspiration is mainly Scandinavian, since that's in our DNA, but we're also inspired by everything that moves us when we go travelling.

The meaning

'Luc' is a natural born leader. He represents loyalty and respect while also being fun and outgoing. 'Leon' is the lion and masculinity within every man. He resides deep in your soul, has an empowering love for the world and a great deal of self respect.